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Aus Move is specialized in moving your furniture, household belonging, vehicles and pets to Australia.

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I did have to follow up on a mistake I had made on a form probably delaying the move a wee bit but the customer service level was great before and after that. There was minimal damage to 2 of my cheap shelves so I don’t mind that at all. I’d definitely use them again and maybe get insurance if my furniture is expensive.
Delivery time once known was incredibly reliable
The packers in NZ were very efficient and polite
Two of my shelves were damaged slightly
I did have to follow up on a matter to release my stuff from quarantine but it was my mistake. Just needed a follow up email next time maybe. She was super lovely though about it so I don’t mind at all
Moved from Onehunga (New Zealand) to Canberra (Australia)
Don’t even think about them. I am so glad about that we have an insurance at least. That is our only luck.

We did receive someone else’s box as part of our delivery. It was over-labelled (our label was on top of another label 100% covering it).
They ignored talking to us for more than 3 weeks and when we finally managed to get in touch with them the branch manager promised to sending us updates same day. We did not hear from them for another 3-4 days and I needed to email them for information which they promised to send and surprisingly we did receive nothing.
They cannot locate our box. On top of that they even said that we don’t have a missing box. There were just some labelling issues and their staff miscounted the boxes... (I’m sorry what ?!?!?!) but it’s obvious on the paperwork that’s not the case. We also identified missing items (e.g. a lamp, but on the box their crew described the content as kitchenware and clothes) and even I had to explain them how did that happen having a missing item which is not under the same category as their staff’s handwriting described the content. (Again, whaaat????!??!?!) This IN SANE.

Their stuff is packing the boxes, labelling them and writing notes regarding the content of it. I have nothing to do with that.

I never experienced such a poor quality service and ignorant customer service in New Zealand.

Our second shipment did not arrive yet and we have a missing box from the first shipment. I’m so disappointed, upset and also terrified whether our belongings will finally arrive safe after that?

We had quite good experience with Allied Pickfords in the past and our friends used Transworld, I recommend to chose one of them for your own sake and to avoid the same experience and nightmares we are going through with Ausmove.
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[name removed by Sirelo] was nice and friendly
Attitude and customer service
Problem-solving and communication
Moved from Auckland (New Zealand) to Sydney (Australia)
Pick up and packing into company boxes by 2 really helpfull young men, from the Nz address was excellent
Cartons were put into one room and we were left with the unpacking and left with the boxes. A card was left and we could phone for them to come and collect the boxes when they were out this way
Pick up and packing up was stress free
Delivery left us with a lot boxes and paper to get rid of
Moved from Karikari Peninsula (New Zealand) to Devonport (Australia)
I was very worried about moving a container of belongings from Auckland to Melbourne. I got quotes from 5 different companies, and all of them (including AusMove) had mistakes in the inventory which made me very nervous. They also all had some glaringly bad reviews which didn't help. I crossed my fingers and selected to go with AusMove as they gave me the most confidence that they could make changes as I required and give me a good service. I was not wrong. Their movers were all very skilled and competent (I wish I worked with such competent people myself). They wrapped everything quickly and very well, in fact the one and a bit days they took to pack and move all my things was the least stressful part of my entire move. The further I got through working with them, the better the service was even after I had paid them - which is very unusual in this day and age. There was even a hiccup where the shipping company moved their schedule forward and AusMove's staff all worked overtime to still get my belongings onto the ship. A++ service - work with them and they will deliver above and beyond.Read more
Send a packing person to initial consult to gauge what you want moved accurately
Work with you to streamline your move, even when things change
Got the initial inventory wrong - but fixed it
About mid-priced, but are open to negotiation
Moved from Auckland (New Zealand) to Melbourne (Australia)
Excellent service, prompt responses and very efficient in collecting our personal effects. Great service!
Competitive pricing
Fast and easy communication
Moved from Auckland (New Zealand) to Kiama (Australia)
The packers were so good and friendly, charming and fast workers, what was meant to take two days was done is a slightly longer one day.
Friendly, nothings a bother
No breakages - good packers
the Australian link let them down
not enough staff for final unpack
Moved from Remuera (New Zealand) to Brisbane (Australia)
friendly and fast working workers.
good communication
good service
info on how long our container be delivered to our new location.
Moved from Auckland (New Zealand) to Brisbane (Australia)
Felt very supported throughout the process and the staff were very polite, professional and friendly
Communication skills
Moved from Auckland (New Zealand) to Geelong (Australia)

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